Rockville Resistance Weekly Action Plan – 4.4.17

Hello, Resistance! 

Hope everyone is feeling energized by the spring weather and the many, MANY opportunities for action coming up during the month of April! There are three key marches taking place this month: The Tax March April 15, The March for Science April 22, and the People’s Climate March April 29. All are very well organized and sure to be highly attended. Stay tuned for info on joining other RR members and local groups to attend!
Meanwhile, we STILL have phone calls to make and postcards to write. Springtime always reminds me that the forces of nature will persist, no matter how dark the winter gets. Here are some ways for you to continue to be a (sunny) force of nature this week:
  • Our next group meeting is confirmed for the afternoon of April 23. Time and place are TBD pending confirmation of our guest speaker, and a headcount. Please RSVP to the meeting invite in your inbox or here by April 10 to help us book the right size space.
  • Have you visited the new Resources page on our Rockville Resistance website? We are compiling a curated list of resources to help you be your best activist. Please send any suggestions my way to include on the list!
  • A few folks took me up on the idea of creating a Rockville Resistance Book Club! We are starting with Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right by sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild. Grab a copy and email me if you’d like to join us. We will probably do a combination of online and in-person discussions to try to better understand the American political landscape that has led to this moment in history and Donald Trump.
Issue Group Reports
  • URGENT Call to Action: The legislative session ends in a week! The House of Delegates has passed the Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act (SB835/HB1362) but the Senate has it stuck in committee. We hear from the State Capitol that those against the bill are highly mobilized – there are fewer calls from the pro side. WE NEED TO CALL NOW!!

CALL these 2 senators and ask them to move the act out of committee for a vote: 

Also call MoCo senator Susan Lee who is on the committee – 410 841 3124 – thank her and ask her to do whatever you can do to move it. This might be our last chance to pass this bill!
  • Call to Action: Tell Gov. Hogan to sign the Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Act! The number to Governor’s office is 410-974-3901.
  • What We’re Working On: The Healthcare group’s next meeting is April 13 @ 7:15pm. With House’s the inability to vote on the ACHA, we are no longer in the immediate defensive position we had been.  Not sure if this is temporary or if this a good time to take the offensive on Health Care, including calls for single payer and/or improvements to the ACA. So we need to strategize, including some discovery about what other progressive groups are doing.
  • Call to Action: Democratic House candidate JON OSSOFF for Georgia’s 6th district is surging in the polls and has Republicans across the country losing their minds!! His special election is in just 14 days, so please support his campaign in any or all of the following ways:
    • Donate $3 or whatever you can spare to his election campaign.
    • Sign up to phone bank for his campaign 
    • Take a road trip to Georgia to canvass for him the weekend before the election!
  • Important Read: Here’s another upcoming election to watch and support: Texan Beto O’Rourke is running to take down arch-conservative Ted Cruz. Given Cruz’s reputation among his Senate colleagues, he may just find some of them donating to Beto’s campaign! This is a target for us to support in 2018, but will be an interesting bellwether race to watch in the coming months.
Positive Mental Attitude
  • I’m a baseball fan, and not even DJT can tamp down my enthusiasm for opening day at Nationals Park! So this little post-game surprise unveiling of a message from fans warmed my heart. Resistance runs deep in DC!
  • Comedy Central this month will air The President Show – a late-night satire of 45 himself. Something tells me Dear Leader may soon find yet more ways to watch TV and Tweet about it instead of doing his job… hope it’s funny!
  • Also worth remembering: sometimes the Resistance is a march. Sometimes it’s a big dance party. We might be at this protesting gig for a while yet, let’s make it fun!
Happy resisting, have a great week!

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