Weekly Action (Mini) Plan 5.30.17

Hi all!
I was camping in the woods with my family this weekend, taking a break from #Resisting to enjoy some fresh air and hug some trees before the EPA gets abolished… Hope you all had a chance to relax and reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for this Memorial Day. Thank you to all those who have served and made sacrifices to protect the American Dream. Your courage is an inspiration, and our country is STILL worth fighting for.
Due to the holiday, this week’s action plan is short and sweet. Stay tuned next week for another full edition as we head into some very important special elections next month. Stay strong! — Ailea
FIRST, YOU GUYS: Did you know that our own RR Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Issue Group, led by the intrepid Faith Dornbrand, created a resistance music video!??! THEY DID! And it is awesome, but definitely not for the faint of heart. It is creepy AF, just like our current president. Check it out, but don’t watch it before bedtime!
  • THIS WEEKEND: The March for Truth is this Saturday, June 3, starting at 11am on the Mall!!!
  • Take our survey! I would love to get your feedback on how Rockville Resistance can evolve and improve going forward. Thanks to all those who have shared excellent insights so far. Key results will be shared with the group.
  • Next Tuesday, June 6: Meet at the Hart Senate Office building at 3pm to join friends from Takoma Park Mobilization to visit Van Hollen, Cardin, and Raskin to lobby against Trump’s immoral and un-American budget proposal. Reply for more info.
  • The RR Organizing Committee is back in action! Be on the lookout for announcements soon on what we will be working on and how you can help.
  • PMA: Donald Trump’s Base is Shrinking. It’s shrinking in Tennessee, it’s shrinking in Virginia, it’s even shrinking in right-leaning polls. And in its place, “an anti-Trump wave is building…” Let’s make it crash!! 

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