Weekly Action Plan 5.15.17

Happy Monday, Resistance!

 Another week, another cascade of crises unfolding at the highest levels of government… There’s an old myth in the business world that the Chinese character for “crisis” includes symbols meaning both “danger” and “opportunity.” While it seems this representation is not quite accurate, I definitely feel elements of both danger and opportunity with every passing headline.  While we collectively cringe opening every news link, remember that Rockville Resistance is here not only as a vehicle for your activism, but as a community working together to lift each other’s spirits and support each other. I have been working with the 2018 group and Ethics & Conflicts of Interest groups, and we spend about as much time venting and engaging in political group therapy as we do actually planning activities. Both are equally satisfying and necessary – I hope your groups will do the same!

We’ll also be looking for opportunities through the summer to hang out and socialize in addition to plotting the restoration of democracy in America. If you have ideas for how to build our community or want to help out, please reply and let me know.

Here’s your action plan for this week. Go get ‘em!


  • Looking forward to seeing everyone at our group meeting this Sunday, 5/21 at 2pm. We are back at the Rockville Memorial Library in Rockville town center, this time in the first floor meeting room, just inside the main entrance. We will be joined by Maryland State Senator Roger Manno, who represents the Rockville area, to discuss political and policy strategies relevant to our group. Do you have a specific question you’d like the Senator to address? Hit reply and send them to me to collect in advance!


 Freedom of Expression

  • Call to Action: The FCC is meeting this week on May 18 to discuss net neutrality issues. Find out more and sign a petition to protect net neutrality and free access to information here.


  • Call to Action: Submit comments on the EPA’s existing environmental regulations.  The EPA is seeking comment on its proposed revisions to deregulate many critical environmental protections. You can make your voice heard and influence the policy process by submitting comments through the link. For tips and inspiration on what exactly to say, scroll down to the bottom of this message.


  • Call to Action: This week’s focus is on the campaign for David Reid for Virginia House of Delegates from District 32. The Virginia state house has exactly enough Democrats to uphold a veto of regressive Republican policies – they can’t afford to lose one seat in 2018! MD District 8 has been paired with Reid’s campaign through the Sister Districts Project. There are lots of ways to support him! Donate to his campaign, host a Dining for Democracy event in his name (reply to this email for more info), and/or sign up to volunteer to canvass or phone bank for his campaign!

Health Care

  • Call to Action: Sign up to attend the Teach-In on Protecting Our Healthcare on May 22, organized by fellow local activists at Do the Most Good Montgomery County.

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

  • Call to Action: Mark your calendar and plan to attend the March for Truth on Saturday, June 3: Demonstrations to call for an independent investigation into Russian interference in the US election and ties to Donald Trump, his administration, and his associates.


  • There seems to be direct correlation between the insanity of the Trump administration’s doings on a given day, and hilarity of the humor that emerges from it. To wit, this week the New Yorker’s Borowitz report and SNL have really been at the top of their game, with headlines about the off-the-charts TV ratings Trump expects for his impeachment, how difficult it is to count to a hundred, and the tyranny of complete sentences. Take a few moments this week to laugh at the madness!

    In ongoing signs of the durable power of the Resistance, GOP representatives who passed the AHCA (at least the small handful with the guts to face their constituents afterward – it was a very small handful…) took a walloping at town halls after the vote. Check out some coverage here, here, and here.

Have a great week everyone,

Sample Text for EPA Regulation Comments:
As a US resident, I am significantly affected by environmental regulations, especially those that affect clean air and water. In addition to the health impact that weakening existing environmental regulations will have on me and my family, they will also have a terrible economic impact. This includes lost days from work, sickness, asthma, and a tremendous amount of healthcare and medical expenses.

For these reasons, I support the current EPA regulations and their underlying economic and scientific analysis. Instead of repealing or modifying current regulations, EPA should strengthen our vital protections for clean water and air, public health, and our environment. We need a healthy environment in order to have a healthy economy.

Although I support ALL environmental regulations, I especially support the following:

The “Clean Water Rule: Definition of ‘Waters of the United States,'” 80 Fed. Reg. 37054 is an example of an extremely important rule because it protects smaller streams and wetlands. Not only do over 117 million people across the US rely on drinking water from waters protected by this rule, but protecting wetlands and their associated ground water is critical to health of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Clean Air Act is another one that is incredibly important to me and my family. My husband has asthma, and the Clean Air Act allows him to have clean air to breathe. In addition to this incredible benefit, its good economic policy. The national air quality emissions standards exceed costs by a factor of more than 30 to one. In dollars and cents, that’s $2 trillion in benefits vs. $65 billion in costs.

One rule that is particularly important is the Mercury and Air Toxics (MATS) Standards for Power Plants Rule. Mercury is a known carcinogen & neurotoxin pumped into our atmosphere by coal-fired power plants.  

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