Weekly Action Plan 5.24.17

Greetings, Resistance!
We achieved some breakthrough momentum this week in the Trumprussia Saga with many clarifying (if also terrifying) revelations leading to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller. At the same time, sad news from Bowie State and Manchester cast a darker pall on the past few days. I’m reminded of the bizarre debate about “stamina” during the presidential campaigns. Trump’s first trip abroad this week also showed us pretty clearly who would actually win an endurance contest… maybe being on the right side of history gives you the extra juice you need to weather the long miles and harder moments on the path to ultimate victory. To keep your chins up, please enjoy an extra large dose of PMA below. And sometimes the best cure for what ails you is to take action in meaningful ways. Onward!
  • Thanks to all those who joined an excellent conversation with State Senator Roger Manno at our group meeting on Sunday, with extra thanks to Alison L for taking and sharing notes! Our next group meeting will be on Sunday, June 25.
  • COMING SOON: Rockville Resistance Survey. You will be getting a link soon to a brief survey to gather your insights and feedback on how Rockville Resistance can best evolve in this next stage of Trump madness and many opportunities in next year’s elections. I hope you’ll take a moment to send your ideas! Be on the lookout for a link in your inbox this week.
  • Do you have a favorite app, website, or news source that you recommend as a great resource for the Resistance? Send it my way so I can add it to the Resources list on our web page!
Health Care
  • Call to Action:   Fill out this form and Save My Care will send a hospital bracelet to Congress to remind them of the health impacts of the AHCA.
  • Important Read: Reminder not to be lulled into thinking the AHCA has stalled in the Senate! This NY Times article lays out McConnell’s strategy to pass the AHCA through subterfuge and misdirection. He’s a savvy political operator and he LEARNED from the House’s clumsiness and mistakes in getting its bill passed. He’s not going to let the same debacle take place in the Senate. Stay vigilant!
  • Call to Action: Phone bank for Jon Ossoff in the home stretch! You can make phone calls to Georgia from your home without going to a phone bank location.  You can choose your own hours to participate according the set time frame established by the campaign for a particular day.  Email Barbara Carley if you would like to be set up to do this.  The election day is June 20.   Currently Jon is polling a little ahead of Republican Karen Handel but there are still 8% undecided.
  • Important Read: Georgia Can Elect the First African-American Woman Governor in History I heard Georgia’s house minority leader Stacey Abrams on a podcast – having never heard of her before – and in just a few minutes listening to her was impressed with her intelligence, candor, and wisdom in a way few politicians inspire these days. She’s a leader to watch.
  • Call to Action: Please plan to attend the Rockville City Council meeting the evening of Monday, June 19 at Rockville City Hall. The city will be discussing the Fostering Community Trust Ordinance, which aims to protect immigrant families in Rockville. We know that anti-immigrant groups will be there to voice their views, we need our pro-immigrant contingent there to represent as well! Alison will send around talking points and guidance to those who are able to attend.
  • Important Read: This great post by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (MCCRC) gives an overview of the Ordinance and some background, and features a quote by our own Alison Lepard!
Political Appointees:
  • Call to Action: Call our Senators to demand the removal/resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for violating his recusal from the Russia investigations by advocating for the firing of James Comey.
    • Senator Cardin: 202.224.4524; Senator Van Hollen: 202.224.4654
    • Script: Jeff Sessions vowed to recuse himself from “any existing or future investigations of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.” Yet he personally recommended the firing of FBI Director James Comeyspecifically in reference to Comey’s handling of investigations related to the campaign. Jeff Sessions broke his word and has damaged the integrity and reputation of the US Justice Department. He must resign immediately.
Our PMA section is a place where we combat the constant barrage of bad news with inspiration, humor, and a healthy dose of GOOD NEWS – it’s always out there somewhere! This week we have all three!


Inline image 1

  • There are still politicians out there with the courage to do – and defend – what is right, even when it’s not easy and it’s not popular.
  • The Resistance is growing stronger, louder, and more creative every day.
  • People have the amazing ability to solve even our most daunting and complex problems with intelligent leadership and ingenuity.
Stay strong this week, Resisters!
In solidarity,

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