Weekly Action Plan 5.3.17

Greetings, Resistance!
After this past week’s headlines, I’ve found myself daydreaming even more than usual about the alternate universe out there somewhere where Hillary Clinton is president and the world is still safe for democracy… But more and more these days, I also find myself wondering if – as bad as it seems right now – Trump’s victory in the long run will prove to be a positive force in American history. In that alternate Hillary universe, I know I would probably still not know the names of my state and US legislators, county executive, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and dozens of other key figures in local and national politics. Now I know ALL their names and have many of their phone numbers saved in my phone. I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here sending an email to 150 friends about ways we can fight for progress, justice, equality, and accountability!
There are millions of Americans like us out there who have engaged in this fight and aren’t going to back down. Tonight I am choosing to be hopeful that in the long run, this movement will put America on a course to fulfill its potential in a way we might not have had the opportunity to do under a Clinton administration.  It might be a long, painful path. But I want to believe we’ll get there. Let’s go!!!
  • Urgent Action: The Republican health care repeal zombie bill has reared its ugly, undead head again this week – this time it’s even worse than before – and it looks likely that members will vote on the new AHCA Thursday morning. They may have enough votes to pass the bill, which would undermine many protections of the Affordable Care Act and endanger millions of Americans who depend on their ACA plans. Here’s what you can do:
    • There is a rally at the Capitol Thursday at 12pm. If you can be there in person, please go!
    • Check this list of the current vote count and use social media to urge undecided members to vote “no,” and contact any friends or family you have in their districts to urge them to call.
  • Our next group meeting is Sunday, May 21, at the Rockville Memorial Library. I’m happy to announce that we will host guest speaker Maryland State Senator Roger Manno, who represents the Rockville area and nearby communities. The Senator will discuss his work to protect progressive priorities at the state level, and offer some advice for how groups like ours can work with the state government and Democratic Party. Hope to see you there!
  • Thanks to all those who have contributed to the Rockville Resistance fundraising campaign!! Your donations will help cover small but ongoing expenses like meeting space and web fees. You can still contribute through the link if you would like to pitch in.
Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
  • Call to Action: Advocate for a special commission to investigate 45-Russia ties. Newly-confirmed Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein can approve a special prosecutor or commission, but has previously hedged on this action. Speak up!

Call: Dept. of Justice comment line 202-353-1555

Postcard: USDoJ, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001

Script: I am among the 58% of Americans who want an independent commission to investigate Trump-Russia ties. Trust in the four current investigations is compromised, and the Attorney General’s credibility is tarnished. Only an independent commission or special prosecutor will restore confidence.


  • Call to Action: Attend a community forum and panel discussion on US immigration policies sponsored by South Asian American community organizations in the Washington area. The forum is this Saturday, May 6 from 2-6pm at the Gaithersburg Hilton. See flyer attached with more info.


  • Call to Action: The Democratic National Committee still seems to be struggling to get the message to CONTEST *EVERY* SEAT! Case in point, they have been squeamish about supporting Montana House candidate (and singing cowboy!) Rob Quist. Two things you can do: donate to this campaign before the May 25 special election to help him fight back against Republican attack ads, and call the DNC at (202) 863-8000 and tell them we expect them Tom Perez to FIGHT for every single seat in the US House!
  • Important read: Ossoff Attracting Surprising Levels of GOP Support in Georgia Special


  • We expected the volume and energy of the Resistance to wane a bit as the immediate post-election ire receded, but according to science, THE OPPOSITE is happening! A scientist who studies protest says ‘the resistance’ isn’t slowing down
  • This fascinating article is a great reminder of how far America has come and the huge challenges we have overcome in the past – many thanks to the leadership of the ACLU! It also offers some inspiration to keep up the fight: “We will get tested, and we will sometimes lose, but we will always be in the fight for the right reasons.” 
  • Some useful (recent) history, links, and advice from NY Times’ Nicolas Kristof: How to Stand Up to Trump and Win

Hang in there!



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