Weekly Action Plan 6.5.17

Hello, Resistance!

I will admit to starting this week off with an inexplicable, uncontrollable fit of covfefe-induced laughter. I know it’s a total distraction, but for some reason the Twitter typo heard ’round the world was a clarifying reminder for me of the total absurdity of this moment in time. Thanks to all of you for staying engaged, fighting the good fight, and doing what we can to safeguard our future from the madness unfolding all around us these days (poor spelling included). I like to remind myself that humanity has proved itself to be remarkably resilient through history, to even our worst mistakes and impulses. If we keep working together, I think we can pull through this too.
Here are some announcements and your action plan for this week. Go get ’em!

  • Our next group meeting will be on Sunday, June 25 at 2pm at the Rockville Memorial Library. After a few meetings hosting guest speakers, this month’s meeting will have a renewed focus on our working groups, strategy for the next phase of our activism, and building our community. Hope to see you there!
  • Active Issue Groups. Since Rockville Resistance formed back in January, our issue groups have coalesced around a few core issues. Our focus and activities are 100% powered by your interests, and a few topics have lost leadership or phased out. Here are the currently active issue groups and leads, as far as I know. If you would like to connect with one of them, please reply and I will make sure you get on the right list. Or if you are in or leading an issue group not on this list, please reply and let me know:
    • Ethics and Conflicts of Interest – Faith Dornbrand
    • Immigration – Alison Lepard
    • Health Care – Pam Bates
    • 2018 (Elections) – Ailea Sneller
  • RR survey. Thanks for the excellent inputs many of you have provided via our survey! It’s not too late to fill it out, please feel free to follow the link and send your feedback on how our group can be most effective. Or if you prefer to just email me or chat, that’s also welcome.
  • Your donations in action! Once again, thank you for the many generous contributions to our Rockville Resistance fund. To ensure transparent and accountable governance of our group, I started a spreadsheet that will track all our operating expenses and expenditures. Forgive me – I am no accountant – but this way it’s clear where your hard-earned funds are going!
Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
  • Call to Action: Mark your calendars and plan to attend the Rockville Resistance Ethics Forum the evening of Monday, July 10 at the Johns Hopkins Rockville campus. Our amazing ethics and conflicts of interest group is organizing a lively debate by a panel of ethics experts including Jamie Raskin and representatives from Common Cause and Public Citizen. More info soon!
  • Call to Action: Jon Ossoff’s campaign in Georgia’s Sixth District is in the home stretch before the vote on June 20, early voting has already begun, and Republican PACs have poured last-minute millions into the race on TV ads and smear campaigns. Please make a donation to Jon’s campaign if you can, sign up to canvass or phone bank, or sign up to travel to Georgia to canvass before the race!
  • Call to Action: Please plan to attend the Rockville discussion of the Fostering Community Trust Ordinance on the evening of Wednesday, June 19, at 7pm at Rockville City Hall. Anti-immigrant groups will definitely be there, and we need to show up to support immigrant families in our community. Wear blue to the event to show your support for sound immigration policy, and make a sign! Also scroll to the end of this message for phone numbers, a sample script, and more info about the ordinance.
  • Did you know behavior scientists are working on a promising method to “inoculate” people against climate change denialism and other false information? There might be hope for the triumph of reason after all!
  • More evidence that Republicans are in the (self-inflicted) last throes of a demographic shift that may imperil their majority for generations.
  • Betsy DeVos seems intent on undermining the very foundations of public education, but this article from the NY Times about some unexpected figures in her staff gave me a moment of hope.
  • Someday progressives will be in a position to put forth a proactive agenda again – the outlines of one are emerging that could solve some of both the political and systemic problems we are facing as a society.
  • Finally, here are two articles from FiveThirtyEight casting a positive outlook for the electoral near-future of Democrats:
Have a great week and stay strong, Resistance!

Passage of this ordinance may influence passage of similar laws at county or state levels. The ordinance will protect the civil rights of the immigrant community,encourage communication between immigrants and local enforcement and ensure that Rockville law enforcement funds will not be diverted to enforce Federal immigration law.
You need NOT be a Rockville City resident to support this ordinance. We are urging all DTMG members to do the following:

Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton-(240-314-8291) and council member Beryl L. Feinberg (240-314-8293) are currently hesitating to vote “yes”. Call to make a an appointment to meet with them in groups of 2-3. Personal stories and data will strengthen your position.
If you can’t get an appointment and cannot speak directly to either Ms. Feinberg or Mayor Newton, LEAVE A VOICEMAIL or hand deliver a letter. A sample voicemail script is provided below.

ATTEND the discussion of the ordinance AND (MOST LIKELY)THE VOTE .Time: 7:p.m. at Rockville City Hall, 111 Maryland Ave. Rockville.
Activist groups have agreed to wear BLUE to the hearing.
PUBLIC COMMENT. Register to speak in advance by calling the city clerk at 240-314-8280 by 4p.m on the date of the meeting. However, there are often sign up sheets available at the meeting. Comments are limited to 3 minutes.
BRING A SIGN(size 8.5×11) Make it colorful.

SAMPLE VOICEMAIL: Hello, my name is ____________and I live in ___________. I am involved in the Rockville community because ­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________. I am calling in support of the Rockville Fostering Community Trust Ordinance. I believe that it is an important step in ensuring that the policy of the Rockville police toward our immigrant community is properly codified. The ordinance will reduce confusion about the boundaries of the Rockville law enforcement policy vs the Federal Immigration enforcement policy and assure the citizens of the city that their elected officials are taking steps to make sure that:
1. Rockville’s policy toward its immigrant citizens is clear.
2. The policy complies with Federal guidelines while ensuring community trust in law enforcement.
3. The policy is supported by the Fourth, Fifth,Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution as well as Supreme Court case law.
4.The ordinance does not violate any Federal guidelines, even those of the recent executive order, hence federal funding for the city should not be at risk.
5.The community can rest assured that local law enforcement funds will not be diverted to pay for work mandated to the federal government.
Thanks for your time!

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