Who We Are

The United States has seen an uprising of grassroots energy and action in opposition to the demagogic, authoritarian, un-American policies and rhetoric that have grown the wake of the 2016 election. Collectively known as the Resistance, this movement seeks to protect our democracy, restore competence and trust in our government, and promote inclusive, equitable progress for all Americans.

In January of 2017, a group of neighbors in the Rockville, Maryland area came together to find ways to work together on rebuilding a culture based on unity, mutual respect, and democratic values. This group became Rockville Resistance. We welcome anyone to join us who is interested in working together to resist hyper-polarization, divisiveness, and the erosion of democratic institutions and values in our politics.

How We Work

We are a member-driven organization, so we work on the projects and initiatives most important to the individuals that make up our group. Our group meets once a month to review our progress and support each other in next steps. We are organized into smaller project teams that are working on a specific action, and they also meet about once a month. We also coordinate, communicate, and take action through various social media and our website. Our group actions range from phone call campaigns, visits to Capitol Hill or other official offices, organizing events such as town halls and speaker series, and other types of action. We publish and circulate periodic Action Plans that go out to the group via email and provide opportunities for action each week on timely topics.

We also work to help each other stay “strategically informed” – that is, not overwhelmed by bad news! And we alert each other to other opportunities for action initiated by similar groups across the state and country. We are affiliated with the Maryland Resistance Coalition  – an organization of similar grassroots groups across the state, and with the Indivisible movement.


Rockville Resistance was founded by Ailea Sneller, a Rockville resident, mom, wife, writer, and entrepreneur. She now serves as the group’s principal coordinator and cheerleader. Leadership of the group’s initiatives is carried out by Project Team Leads who focus on organizing and leading the project of most interest to them. The group is an entirely volunteer force (still waiting on our big checks from George Soros…) and is powered by the passion, commitment, and talent of all our members.