We have identified a core group of issues that are most important to us, and have issue groups that focus on each one. The list changes from time to time as priorities shift and new opportunities emerge. The current issues are:

  • Healthcare – protecting the Affordable Care Act and access to healthcare for all Americans
  • Freedom of Information and Expression – protecting free speech, freedom of the press, and free access to information
  • Immigration – supporting initiatives at local and state levels to protect Maryland immigrants
  • Cabinet appointments – opposing the nomination of unqualified candidates to government leadership, and monitoring/holding them accountable when they are appointed anyway
  • 2018 – working to support progressive candidates in elections at all levels nationwide
  • Ethics and Conflict of Interest – Holding the Trump administration and their enablers in Congress accountable to the highest levels of ethics and transparency
  • Education – Advocating for high quality, comprehensive public education for all American families
  • Environment – Supporting initiatives to protect our natural resources and address climate change

In addition to these core issues, we are interested in supporting religious freedom and solidarity with Islamic and Jewish communities, addressing partisan polarization through respectful outreach and dialogue with Republican and conservative counterparts, and providing emotional and moral support to each other as a community.
When you join our group, you can choose which topic(s) interests you most and join the issue group that you’d like to focus your efforts on.