Our group works together on projectsspecific, time-bound actions that may address any topic within our mandate, with a concrete objective during a set period of time. Our current projects are listed below.  When you join our group, you can choose which topic(s) interests you most and join the project team that you’d like to work with.

  • The Art of Resistance. RR members include a bona fide opera singer, a violinist and music teacher, and other active artists. They are using their networks and many talents to recruit professional and highly talented artists and performers to grace fundraisers and other events with a touch of class and pizzazz.
  • Keep Maryland Blue. This team is researching the most strategic ways for us to support progressive candidates in key local and state races across Maryland.
  • Voter Outreach and Education. We have a group working on developing portable, engaging reference guides, such as postcards and other handouts, that provide essential information on upcoming elections and voter registration to a broad audience, with a particular focus on engaging young people and new voters.
  • The Root Cause Forum. The 2016 elections revealed the extent of the fear, isolation, resentment, cultural anxiety, economic stagnation, and other forces that made divisive and angry messages appealing to a large number of Americans. A team is planning a discussion and education forum for early spring 2018 to explore the root causes behind the outcome of the 2016 election, and identify ways that we can address the core issues that are threatening American democracy as a result.
  • Becoming Better Angels. Several of our group members have gotten involved with the national non-profit organization Better Angels, “a bipartisan citizen’s movement to unify our divided nation.” We will be participating in and organizing workshops to bring “red” and “blue” Americans together for respectful dialogue and collaboration around issues of common interest.